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Daegu International Future Auto EXPO 2021

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온라인 부스신청

Online Registration
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오프라인 부스신청

Offline Registration
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E-mail :
Tel : +82-53-601-5053
Fax : +82-53-601-5372

Application Deadline: Aug. 31th(Tue), 2021

Booths Type

▶ Premium type is available for more than 2 booths.
Raw Space Standard Premium
Provides only space.
Exhibitor must design and
construct booth
9m² (3m x 3m) / 2.4mH,
partition, carpet floor, signage, booth number, basic lights (2 fluorescent lights, 3 spot lights), 1 info desk and 1chair, electricity 1 kW
18m² (6m x 3m) / 3mH
carpet floor, signage, electric wiring (2 socket plug), basic lights (4 fluorescent lights, 6 lights), 1 info desk and 1 chair, 1 consultation table, 3 chairs electricity 1 kW
※Above image indicates Premium 2 booths.

Participation Fee :

▶ Booth Type & Participation fee (9m², 1 booth based)

Raw Space Standard Premium Outdoor Size
USD 1,430 USD 1,980 USD 2,310 USD 1,540 9㎡/(3mX3m)

▶ Discount

Subject Discount Rate
Early Bird Discount On-site Registration 15%
Those who register before May 31th(Mon), 2021 10%
Large-Scale Discount More than 20 booths 10%
Re-registration Discount Consecutive participation 10%

※Each discount rate is applied separately.

Application Process

▶ Apply for booth online (
▶ Send completed application and business license via email(
▶ Pay deposit after receiving invoice


50% deposit is made by the time submitting the application, and balance is made by August 31th(Tue), 2021.
Payable to EXCO (Account number : 2632-935-4318-175, Woori Bank)
※ Please write the company name